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The International Society for Urban Health (ISUH) is an association of researchers, scholars, professionals and community members, workers and activists from various disciplines -- and areas of the world whose work is directly related to health effects of urban environment and urbanization.

Annually, ISUH organizes the International Conference on Urban Health hosted by a member institution of a particular country. The Executive Board of ISUH has selected Eminence as the host for the 12th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH) 9-12 March 2015.Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Eminence, is a national NGO that acts as the secretariat to the Bangladesh Urban Health Network (BUHN) and is coordinating this conference whose theme is :Urban Health for a Sustainable Future: The Post 2015 Agenda.The goal of the meeting is to highlight health as a critical dimension of successful urban growth and development, and to emphasize that equity and sustainability must be central to any urban health agenda.

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Abstract Theme Abstract Topics
Addressing socioeconomic and environmental determinants of urban health and health inequitiesMigration and population dynamics
 School health and health literacy
 Public safety (violence and conflict)
 Urban economic development and poverty alleviation
 Health impacts of climate change
 Environmental pollution (air, noise, etc)
 Built environment , including urban transport, public spaces , and green construction
 Housing solutions for the urban poor
 Sustainable energy
 Water, sanitation and waste management
 Food safety and security
Urban health care and public health service provision across the life courseWomen and Adolescent Reproductive Health
 Neonatal and Child Health
 Health of Older Persons
 Universal Health Coverage
 Access to Drugs
 Non communicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular)
 Communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and others)
 Mental health and wellbeing
 Occupational health, injury and safety
 Accidents and Injury
 Demographic and epidemiologic transition and effects on planning and providing services
Measuring, mapping and monitoring urban healthDisease surveillance systems
 Population health registries
 Mapping and GIS
 Big data and metrics for accountability
 Analyzing evidence for urban health management
 Models for public engagement in measurement and monitoring
Strengthening governance for urban healthUrban policies and planning across sectors
 Decentralization and the role of local government and civil society
 Public-private partnerships for urban health and health care
 Resource mobilization and corporate social responsibility
 Information technology solutions to urban health management
 Legal frameworks: rights, land use, taxes, and accountability
 Emergency preparedness